Essential questions

Why do we move: In some places in the world like England if you can not pay your taxes you are forced to leave. In other Places Like the United Sates people move because of there jobs. And some people move because the have the money to move when they want. Then there are the poor people who find a place to put there box or whatever they carry and when they want to mve tto another place they just go as they wish.

What a happens when people speak, act, and think differently: When I see a person that looks different I think where did that person come from. Well what I think happens is if you ever see a person that looks not a thing like you, you are wondering about that person and at the same time the other person is thinking in his or her mind about you at the same time. When the other person speaks a different language I want to learn that language so I could communicate with other people that speak that language. When I see someone acting different I think why do they act that way? There are just somany things to ask.

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