Answers for Molly's Dream

What is Molly's Dream? Molly is an indentured servant that works at a lady named Mrs.Simmons shop in Boston. She cant wait to be eighteen, because when she is eighteen she will be free and not have to work for anyone. She gets very little time to see her little brother that also has to work for someone in Boston. When she grows up she wants to be a seamstress, a seamstress is someone who sews things like blankets and cloths for people. That is sort of what she does at Mrs.Simmons shop. Molly admires Mrs.Simmons and says that she is a kind and friendly preson, so she wants to be something like Mrs.Simmons. She has a dream picture and it is a picture of a house next to a lake with ducks and gesse in the lake. Molly's main dream is to live with her dad , elder sister, two yong brothers, and Wille the brother that also works in Boston, in a house just like her dream picture.

What will Molly have do do to make her dream come true? In order to make her drem come true she must complete her contract with Mrs.Simmons at the shop. Like I said Molly mus be eighteen leave Mrs.Simmons. Because she is a indentured servant she must obey what Mrs. Simmons says. If Molly trys to run away with her brother and they are cought they will be in big trouble. I doubt they will try because it sounds like the two servants are ok with there jobs.

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